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books books books

Lost at Sea by Jon Ronson
I really liked Them: Adventures with Extremists in high school, but then he wrote that book The Psychopath Test that seemed really icky and reeked of ~but what if psychiatry is a fraud you guys~, which, no thank you. But then this was on sale at Barnes and Noble for like $5 and I had a giftcard and here we are now. This is good. It is not great. It is a collection of shorter pieces he did for various magazines and newspapers. Highlights are the really sweet piece about juggalos (yes, you read that correctly) and the one about disappearances on cruise ships which kind of freaked me out.

Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet by John Turner
This book mostly just made me want a Tudors-style HBO series about Brigham Young's Utah household. Think about it. It would be amazing.

Sex and the Single Savior: Gender and Sexuality in Biblical Interpretation by Dale B. Martin
I read this because someone on tumblr recommended it to me and also because every time I think of the title I giggle. By "read this" I mean "looked through like two chapters after holding onto it for like three months without even looking at it, because it was due back really soon and I am scared of what the theology library will do to me if I bring something back late". I liked what I saw? I will probably re-check it out at some point.

soon I will be reading:
class stuff
lots of things about the LDS church in Japan
lots of things about Catherine of Siena
lots of things about the history of fasting in Christianity

also you should all listen to this because I forgot it existed until today and I am just listening to it over and over and over again. (i tried to embed it and DW laughed in my face. idk.)

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