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Moral Monopoly: The Catholic Church in Modern Irish Society- Tom Inglis
This book is so delightfully concise and good and I would recommend it very highly to anyone interested in learning about how the Catholic church came to be so powerful in Ireland.

Mormons and Muslims- edited by Spencer J. Palmer
When I saw the title of this book I clutched my face in glee and thought to myself that life is beautiful and someone had done a book on one of my favorite things to talk about. However, this does not do what it says on the tin. There's a few navel-gaze-y "all religions have stuff in common!" addresses from Mormons, a few pieces on Islam and Muslim-majority countries written by Mormons, and only one essay that really discusses similarities between Muslims and Mormons.

The Left At War- Michael Bérubé
Bérubé is an incredibly good writer, which is probably the best reason to read this. If you like it when people get angry about Chomsky, that's a nice bonus as well. Arguably, the best part of reading this was all the internet wank[personal profile] wrabbit  sent me to read afterward, which also led to me doing this.

Beyond God the Father- Mary Daly
I am not really sure why I decided to read this. I originally had some kind of mental process that involved reading it to get a better background in feminist theology before I start grad school, even if it's books and authors I don't agree with, but god, this was an incredibly slow and painful read. Daly buys in heavily to Margaret Murray's "Old Religion" nonsense, which I thought was something anyone with any credibility had moved past by about 1950, and tries to make Joan of Arc out to be a pagan martyr (wtf). Women of color are only brought up twice in the book and purely for the purpose of Daly chastising them for "putting their race before their sex" (I wish I was kidding).

Unleashing Feminism: Critiquing Lesbian Sadomasochism in the Gay Nineties- edited by Irene Reti
Lent to me by [personal profile] wrabbit , as she knows I love to hate-read. I basically read it while going "oh woooow" out loud to myself every 30 seconds at how terrible it was. I read it at the same time as Beyond God the Father, so I basically had a weeklong festival of being irritated with radical feminists, although it led to[personal profile] dorianisms  and I coming up with the brilliant idea of writing a radfem-to-English dictionary.

Date: 2012-04-30 12:57 am (UTC)
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A Radfem to English dictionary? I think you mean the Radical Feminism sell-out to the LANGUAGE REGIME OF THE PATRIARCHY abomination. Tools of the patriarchy to the left, please.


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