Oct. 11th, 2011

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 The Irish Border: History, Politics, Culture- edited by Malcolm Anderson and Eberhard Bort
Part of what has somehow become me reading All The Things about Northern Ireland. This focuses more on loyalists than other stuff I've read, and talks rather specifically about the immediate and longterm effects of partitioning. 

Gender Trouble- Judith Butler
Things about this book: it led to me mouthing "the fuuuuuck?" on the bus a lot, and I feel like I had to read every sentence three times. Also, I originally started reading it while I still had a fever, which I don't recommend, as it made me feel like I was high on something. I'm glad I read it? But am not really looking forward to any future instance where I have to again.

Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice- Janet Malcolm
Received because the paper bothered [personal profile] wrabbit  aesthetically after it was obtained when we went thrift store shopping. It's alright, although it doesn't really do what it says on the tin. It primarily focuses on Stein's work, specifically The Making of Americans, and then spends a good deal of time discussing academic infighting about Stein. Toklas is mentioned anywhere only as an afterthought, and usually in the context of academics sniping at each other after Stein's death. 

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius- Dave Eggers
Borrowed from [personal profile] wrabbit  and read as a brain break after Gender Trouble. It was alright, but we both reached the conclusion that while it's clear that we as readers are supposed to think Dave Eggers is an asshole, it seems like we think he is more of an asshole than we are supposed to think he is. It did, however, give me a moment to think about how grateful I am that there are roughly half a dozen people who would need to die before I would be considered the most responsible possible guardian for my siblings, so there's that, I guess.

Lost At Sea- Bryan Lee O'Malley
I really wanted to like this, given that I loved Scott Pilgrim so much, but I just didn't. None of the characters really grabbed me, and the way the story is told didn't do much for me either. 

Feminism and War: Confronting U.S. Imperialism- edited by Robin L. Riley, Chandra Mohanty, Minnie Bruce Pratt
Good collection, largely focusing on US presence in the Middle East. I was going to list the stuff I especially liked, but then I got distracted earlier and turned it in while I was at the library. 


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