Sep. 30th, 2011

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 Islamic Homosexualities- edited by Stephen O. Murray
This book can't seem to decide what it wants to be. Part academic writing, part pop-sociology, and in one instance part bizarre article about gay life in Karachi containing needlessly explicit accounts of sexual encounters (I don't need to know who got an erection when and how it was resolved, please and thanks). Most interesting article was probably Mildred Dickemann's "The Balkan Sworn Virgin". All around, I found the whole thing somewhat disappointing. 

Shattering Silence: Women, Nationalism and Political Subjectivity in Northern Ireland- Begona Aretxaga
A followup to my reading Armed Struggle. Quite well-done, particularly interesting for its discussion of the Armagh women's prison hunger and dirty protests and how they were received both by the public at large and by the IRA leadership. 

The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penman- Bruce Robinson
You guys! I made it all the way through a novel! It's a Christmas miracle! I do feel obligated to inform you that it was not that it was particularly great or anything. It is mostly about a teenage boy seeking out his grandfather's pornography collection. And morse code. These are not generally things that are relevant to my interests, but the writing was mildly entertaining enough to get me to the end.

The View From Saturday and From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler- E.L. Konsigsburg
I spend roughly twenty hours a week in an elementary school library and when things are slow I indulge myself in reading things I read in elementary school. After a rather disappointing reread of the Wrinkle in Time series a few weeks ago I thought I'd give these two a go. They're still delightful, especially Mixed Up Files. I still kind of want to run away to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 


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